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Sustainability and Environmental Policy: Doing our bit for Ballycommane and its environment

Without compromising your comfort and enjoyment we are trying to minimize our impact on the ecology and resources of the area.

Recycling. We separate and recycle all plastics, paper, glass, cans and any other recyclable materials, then take them to the local collection. We compost all vegetable kitchen waste and garden prunings.

Saving water. Ballycommane has no mains water so we use our own water sourced from a deep-bore well. This water is a precious commodity as it has to be demineralised by means of a special water filter. You can help us safe water by being economical with showering and not leaving taps running. Towels are changed after 3 days.

Saving electricity. We use LED light bulbs, automatic timer or sensor switches on lamps in common areas, and day night sensors in the garden lighting. 

Reducing chemicals. All of our daily cleaning compounds are entirely biodegradable, chemical free and made from natural ingredients.

Food miles. We source local produce as much as possible. Depending on seasonal availability, our breakfasts also include fresh fruits (apples, plums, figs, strawberries, blackberries), teas (mint, fennel, lemon verbene) and herbs (parsley, chives, coreander) from our garden.

If we all think and act sustainably even the smallest actions will add up to make an enormous difference.